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This is a single replacement sleeve and bolt, if you've broken or lost one of our chromoly tapered bolts you can order this to convert to the newer style bolt-in setup.  This is a better setup in our opinion because if you break the bolt, you can get a replacement from any decent parts store, and the machining cost of the tapered sleeve and reducer sleeve are way less than the chromoly bolts.  

You'll need to select pitman arm or knuckle, and your year model to order.  We only sell these as replacements to customers who already have our steering kit, we will not sell them to you if we can't verify that you have our steering kit.  If you ordered the steering kit from us, we'll be able to verify without contacting you.  If you bought the steering kit used or it came on a truck you purchased, provide the original purchaser's name or order number if you have it, or email us a picture of the linkage after you place the order.  Without that info, the order will not ship. 

This listing is for one Grade 8 bolt, one Grade 8 locknut, one stainless tapered sleeve, and one stainless reducer sleeve that will convert your existing misalignment spacers or safety washers to a smaller bore so you can run the 9/16" Grade 8 bolt without any other hardware changes.  It is critical that you select the correct application and that you have our bolt-in steering kit with the hardware we provided, otherwise these parts will not work.  

For detailed information on how to prevent broken bolts on your steering linkage, please visit our help desk or read the tapered bolt and/or steering linkage install guides