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DOR's custom tapered bolts for the DOR steering kit only; we do not sell these individually for any other applications. These are replacement parts for existing customers only and will only fit our steering kits.  We do not sell them to anyone other than our existing customers.  Our bolts are CNC machined from a solid piece of 4340 chromoly steel and are stronger than a Grade 8 bolt of the same diameter, however these can break if the steering binds up or if they were over-torqued during install or alignment.  When installing replacement bolts, you must ensure that the steering is not binding up at ride height, full compression, and full extension, lock to lock, and that the bolts are torqued to spec by hand, as covered in the instructions for the steering kit. Also ensure that your jam nuts are properly torqued and are not coming loose, if the jam nuts loosen up the steering can bind up.  Loctite will prevent the jam nuts from loosening due to vibration.  If you need help making sure your steering is set up correctly, give us a call or send us an email with a good photo of the steering on your truck and we can check it out for you. 


Please select pitman arm or knuckle bolts and quantity when ordering.  08.5+ trucks will get a shorter pitman arm bolt that is not pictured here, it uses a thinner locknut and fits the 08.5+ pitman arms better.

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Tapered Bolts