Dodge Off Road Steering Brace - 3rd and 4th Gen with PSC Box

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This is our 3rd/4th gen steering brace, but modified to fit the new PSC SG-853 and 853R and SG-856 and 856R Big Bore steering boxes, for all 2003 to 2012 Ram 2500 and 3500 4x4 trucks.  We have also designed this brace to work with all torsion sway bars, such as the DOR Torsion Bar.  However, it does not work with AEV's sway bar relocation brackets. 
This brace also works on the 2014-2017 trucks running the SG-856 box.  
Made from all 1/4" steel with 1/4" wall 2x2 square tubing as the backbone, the DOR 3rd/4th gen steering brace is a whopping 11 lbs of solid steering-support awesomeness. The concept is simple - don't fight what you can't control. There is not a steering brace on the market that will prevent frame flex at all, so what happens with all other steering braces is the frame twists and then the brace twists with it, putting that lateral motion directly into your steering box sector shaft thanks to the brace. Our braces are one-sided so they do not tie the frame rails together, thus preventing frame flex from ever affecting your steering box!  This allows your steering box to be supported like it should be, without outside forces interfering. It's a very simple concept that we came up with years ago and have perfected over time.  Even if your truck doesn't seem to have frame flex, why take a chance at ruining your expensive steering box when our brace is less expensive than other options? 


Our 3rd/4th gen brace works on all models including the Power Wagon, and bolts up in minutes with all new Grade 8 hardware (you reuse the factory steering box bolt). The bearings are high quality and greaseable for years of service, and are easy to replace when that day comes.  

This has been tested with the our torsion sway bar as well as the Carli Suspension torsion sway bar, and works really well with both products.  The brace needs to be mounted between the sway bar bracket an the frame, using the hardware we provide.


If you buy this brace and don't have one of the PSC boxes listed above, you are responsible for returning the brace and there is a 25% restocking fee to swap out to the correct one for your box.  MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN ACTUAL PSC BOX BEFORE YOU ORDER.   We've had many people buy trucks where someone told them it had a PSC box, it turned out they didn't, and then they're upset with us because the PSC brace doesn't fit a non-PSC box.  We're giving you as much info as we possibly can up front about this.  All PSC boxes have a part number and serial number tag on them, you should be able to use the serial number to find out which version you have.