Dodge Off Road 3rd and 4th Gen Front End Upgrade Kit

Dodge Off Road
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Our most popular front end upgrades for the 2003 to 2012 Ram solid axle trucks, available as a package deal.  This kit will tighten up the steering on your truck substantially, and by purchasing the three most common items we sell for these trucks, you will save some money on the products and shipping.  The 3rd/4th gen front end upgrade includes:

DOR Steering Brace, Part Number 1019 (3G) or 1037 (4G)
DOR HD Adjustable Track Bar, Part Number 1015 (3G) or 1017 (4G)
DOR HD T-Style Steering Kit with Stabilizer Clamp, and Heim Seals, Part Number 1013-Standard (uses our Grade 8 hardware upgrade) 
The steering brace will tighten up and support your steering box, and works on all steering boxes except the newer PSC boxes (we sell those braces separately).  The track bar will work on all trucks from stock to 3" lift (factory pitman arm) or 4" to 8" lift using a track bar drop bracket and drop pitman arm (not included).  The steering linkage works on all trucks, and we will adjust the drag link length based on the lift height selection. We include the popular heim seals with the steering linkage at no extra charge, they are normally $45.  All steering kits now come with the bolt-in Grade 8 hardware at no extra charge. 
This kit DOES NOT INCLUDE A STEERING STABILIZER, WE DO NOT OFFER ONE WITH THIS KIT.  If you don't already have one, you will need to purchase one separately.  We have had too much trouble getting them in the quantities we need and we don't want a part from another manufacturer to hold up shipping the entire front end upgrade.  This front end upgrade is built around the most popular options on the most popular products so that we can fulfill the order faster than if you bought it all separately with a bunch of different options.  
This product is not a stocked item, we build them to order.  Depending on material on-hand, backorders, shipping delays, etc it could take weeks or months for your order to ship in full.  We do not guarantee when it will ship.  Typically the brace will go first, then the track bar, then the steering linkage.  We can ship them all at the same time if you prefer. 
This kit will fit the following trucks:
2003-2012 Ram 2500/3500 4x4 trucks, including Power Wagon models
2006-2009 Ram 1500 Mega Cab 4x4 trucks
2013 Ram 2500 4x4 trucks 
This does not fit standard 1500 models with the IFS suspension, and it does not fit 2wd models. 
For other front end upgrades like our sway bar end links, control arms, and long arms, see related items below.