Dodge Off Road Ram 4500 5500 Adjustable Track Bar

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If you own a Ram 4500 or 5500 truck, you know how hard it is to find quality parts for your truck.  After many requests, we are now offering the only adjustable track bar for these trucks!  We have worked with a few customers to develop a high quality adjustable track bar that not only lasts longer than the stock unit, but it also provides you the ability to adjust your axle side to side as needed to compensate for various suspension heights.  The Ram 4500/5500 cab and chassis trucks have the best drivetrain available in any C&C truck, but the front track bar has always been an issue because of the cheap rubber bushings.  With a truck this heavy, rubber bushings just don't hold up, and that's why so many service trucks have death wobble issues after the first year.  The DOR track bar uses the highest quality, American-made uniball available at the frame end, and an adjustable chromoly heim joint at the axle end and will completely eliminate death wobble caused by a worn track bar.  These are built similarly to our 2500/3500 track bars, which have worked incredibly well on the lighter duty trucks for years.  The track bar has no bushings at all, so the only thing that can even wear out are the PTFE liners in the uniball and heim joint.  These are built to handle 65,200 lb radial load and 10,800 lb axial load, for a 33,600 lb. dynamic oscillating radial load.  What that means is this - you aren't going to find a stronger track bar for your heavy duty truck, and you will increase the service life of your track bar many times over the factory unit.  While the DOR track bar costs more than Moog parts up front, the fact that you won't have as much downtime with your truck is well-worth the extra price for anyone who depends on their truck.  

On top of the fact that this track bar is 100% made in the USA and is much stronger than the factory bar, it is also backed by our lifetime warranty.  If you break it, bend it, or have any issues, we'll take care of it.  The bearing and heim joint are wear items and will need to be replaced at some point in time, and when that day comes, the replacements are pretty inexpensive.  There is no maintenance required other than keeping the rod ends relatively clean.  We recommend spraying them with a cleaner like WD40 every time your oil is changed.  The only way the rod ends will wear out is if the PTFE liner is worn down abrasively, which can happen when sand, salt, and mud build up on the ball and pit it.  As the ball pits, it will eat up the wiper and liner eventually (just like what happens on a hydraulic cylinder on heavy equipment).  
Installation is as simple as the stock track bar, and you will reuse your factory hardware.  Simply remove two bolts, drop the old track bar out, adjust the DOR track bar to length and tighten the jam nut, then install the track bar and torque the factory bolts.  
If you have any other steering or suspension needs for your Ram 4500/5500 truck such as control arms, sway bar end links, or the steering linkage, please let us know and we can work with you to build what you need.  Since we build everything in-house, we are able to fabricate heavy duty replacement parts for these trucks in small numbers with a quick turnaround. 
This fits 2008 to 2024 Ram 4500 and 5500 4x4 trucks, and the 2wd/RWD trucks. 
This also fits 2013-2024 Ram 3500 4x4 Cab and Chassis trucks.