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If you own a Ram 4500 or 5500 4x4 truck, you know how hard it is to find quality parts for your truck.  We are one of the only companies in the world making upgraded suspension parts for this platform, and we are now offering heavy duty control arms for your heavy duty truck.  If you are tired of the factory bushings wearing out on your 2013 to 2024 Ram 4500/5500 and having to replace them with the same junk, here is your solution.  Our arms are made from 2" OD x .250" wall 1026 DOM tube, upper and lower.  You will never bend or break these arms.  We offer two configurations - bushings or joints.  Our bushings are made in the USA and are a custom polyurethane blend that is much stronger than the rubber bushings your stock arms came with, and we use DOM tube for the outer shell and inner sleeve.  Each bushing is greaseable and very easy to rebuild if you ever need to, without any special tools.  A flat head screwdriver and a hammer are all you need to swap bushings.  We keep replacement bushings on hand all of the time.  These are the highest quality bushing-ended arms ever made, and we're are now custom building them for the 4500/5500 platform.  They work very well in all conditions, but are the go-to choice if your truck spends most of it's time on the pavement.  Using these arms off road isn't a problem, but the constant twisting is what wears bushings out, so keep that in mind when ordering. 
For those who use their trucks off road more than normal, or who want the strongest arms possible, you can get the same arms but with Johnny Joints at each end.  The advantage to Johnny Joints is that they are stronger, they allow for more misalignment in your suspension (flex), and they are adjustable.  So if you have a need to fine-tune your axle placement, caster, or pinion angle, these arms are what you need.  The joint housings are forged, with a polyurethane race inside, which holds a spherical ball similar to a heim joint or rod end.  They are greaseable, rebuildable, adjustable, and will last longer if you use your truck off road.  The constant suspension movement does not wear these out like it will wear out bushings.  To rebuild these joints, you need a press, but the process is very simple and is a matter of swapping out the polyurethane races inside the housing.  Currie makes the races and they are commonly available all over the country.  Choosing this option will add several weeks to the order, as we have to machine the joints for this application. 
All of our control arms are made 1/2" longer than stock by default, to help improve the ride of the truck and to provide more tire clearance. If you need the arms to be made another length, it's not a problem - just let us know when you order. 
If you have any other steering or suspension needs for your Ram 4500/5500 truck such as sway bar end links or the steering linkage, please let us know and we can work with you to build what you need.  Since we build everything in-house, we are able to fabricate heavy duty replacement parts for these trucks in small numbers with a quick turnaround.  See related items below for our 4500/5500 adjustable track bar. 
This fits 2008 to 2024 Ram 4500 and 5500 4x4 trucks and should fit 2wd - call us and we can verify fitment. 
This also fits 2008-2024 Ram 3500 4x4 Cab and Chassis trucks that have the 4 link front axle. 
We do offer fleet discounts on these arms, give us a call if you have a fleet and would like to upgrade all of your Ram trucks.