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Made out of 1.5" OD .250" wall 1026 DOM tube, the DOR adjustable 3rd gen track bar is built to last! The frame end utilizes a rebuildable FK uniball, and the axle end has a huge 7/8" chromoly heat-treated heim joint. We use a hex tube adapter at the axle end to help you get the jam nut tight without scratching up the tube.  These track bars are bent for extra differential clearance, as well as axle mount clearance, and work on all trucks from just below stock height up to 3" lift. If you have more than 3" of lift, you'll want to order our 4" to 8" kit that includes a drop bracket. See the related items below for more info.  

We have added some bolt size options, since there are multiple configurations on 3rd gen track bars.  Early 3rd gen models (03-07.5) typically have 14mm bolts at both ends, but some trucks will have a larger bolt on one end, or maybe your mount has been drilled out to run a larger bolt.  If you aren't sure which option to select, just pick the one for your year model.  Worst case, we can always swap out misalignment spacers if needed, as the track bars are the same.   The bolt size change was made in mid-2007 but it wasn't done consistently, so you may need to check your bolts before ordering.  If your bolt takes an 18mm socket, then it's a 14mm bolt.  If it takes a 21mm socket then you have a 16mm bolt.  Check both ends of the track bar because some trucks have different sizes on each end.  2008-2009 models should all have 16mm bolts at both ends, but take a few minutes to double check before ordering to ensure you get the right part for your truck. 
Compare our track bar to any others on the market and you will find that ours is built as well as any, however we are able to sell them at a lower price because we build them ourselves.  Every step of production is done in our shop, start to finish, and we pass the savings on to our customers.  You can pay up to $100 more for the same product, or you can buy our track bar and put that $100 towards one of our steering braces and tighten your whole front end up in one shot. 
This fits 2003 to 2009 Ram 2500 and 3500 4x4 trucks, including Power Wagon models. 
This also fits 2006 to 2009 Ram 1500 Mega Cab 4x4 trucks.