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For those of you who are running softer aftermarket leaf springs or just need the extra load handling help in the rear suspension, our bolt-on air bag setup works wonders.  It does not affect your suspension ride or travel at all.  This setup bolts above your leaf pack using our U bolt flip kit, and to the frame above the leaf springs by drilling four holes and attaching 1/4" steel CNC cut and bent brackets using the provided Grade 8 hardware.  When this system is installed, your air bag will not touch or be attached to the leaf pack at all, but when your truck is loaded down the air bag will engage and support the heavier load.  The air bags are high quality Firestone bags that can be adjusted manually with an air compressor in a couple of minutes.  We are using Daystar cradles on the U bolt flip mount to keep the air bags in place once they are engaged with the suspension.  As soon as the weight is lifted off of the truck, the suspension raises back up and the air bags are disengaged.  With this setup, you will have the best of both worlds - a softer ride from your leaf springs, without losing any of your towing capacity.  This is a perfect upgrade for those who have upper overloads but want to get rid of them to improve ride quality, but need that extra load capacity back.
The good thing about air bags is that they provide the full capacity that your truck is rated for, but they do it with a much softer feel.  Overload springs are extremely stiff and always give you terrible ride quality.  The air bags we are using are larger than most, which allows you to run a lower PSI in the bags yet carry several thousands pounds in the bed of your truck without hurting the ride.  Some air bag setups use smaller bags that are stiff when aired up, because they have to be inflated to 35 or 40 psi.  Their PSI may be lower when unloaded, but if the bag is attached at both ends, it's going to give you some unfavorable ride quality.  With a floating air bag setup, the bags don't even come into effect until the truck is weighed down.  It's the best setup you can run on your 3rd or 4th gen truck! 
This kit includes everything you need to bolt the air bags to your truck, including our upgraded U bolt plates and U bolts.  It does not work with factory or any other U bolt plates, but our plates are 3/8" CNC cut and bent, and we provide 5/8" diameter U bolts for a huge upgrade in strength.  The kit includes: 
  • Two frame brackets made from 1/4" steel, with 9/16" Grade 8 hardware.
  • Two U bolt mount brackets made from 1/4" steel, with a Daystar cradle bolted in place. 
  • Two Firestone convoluted double bellow air bags, with standard air valves that can be adjusted just like inflating a tire. 
  • A U bolt flip kit with 3/8" plates and 5/8" U bolts.
This setup works with stock springs or aftermarket springs, we simply need to know how long your U bolts are from below the axle to the top of the U bolt plate.  The height is set for a 1" to 3" rear lift.  If you have more lift than that, you will need to email or call us so we can build you a custom setup.  Above 3" of lift, this setup will not engage the suspension correctly. 
This setup works with our bolt-on traction bar setup as well as our bolt-on air bag setup. 
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DOR 3G 4G Air Bag System