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This is our best-selling track bar for 2nd gen trucks, and it works on all trucks from stock height up to 3" lift.  If your truck does not use a drop pitman arm, then this is the correct listing for your application.  If your truck uses a drop pitman arm, you'll want the 4" to 8" track bar listed at the bottom of this page.  Our stock to 3" track bar kit does not work with Mag Hytec diff covers.  Fits all 1994 to 2001 Ram 1500 4x4 trucks and 1994 to 2002 Ram 2500/3500 4x4 trucks.  Also fits the 2wd 3500 models with a solid front beam axle (cab and chassis trucks). 



There are many track bars available for 2nd gen Dodge Rams, but none of them are perfect - until now! The Dodge Off Road Track Bar is honestly the best track bar you can get for your 2nd gen Ram 4x4, at any suspension height. We use a new track bar bracket that locates your track bar frame mount forward from the stock position to allow for your front axle to be pushed forward more than any other bar. Then we use an extremely heavy duty 7/8" shank heim joint to use at the frame end, and we have a custom Currie Johnny Joint at the axle end. The greaseable joint is rebuildable and is much stronger than any bushing, plus it offers more misalignment which means your front axle can move easily without the track bar binding up.  Both ends of the track bar are adjustable, so the Dodge Off Road Track Bar can be used on trucks with basically any lift size, as well as stock height trucks. The bar is also adjustable while mounted on the truck! You just loosen the jam nuts and turn the bar, which makes setting your axle position extremely easy to do.  We now use hex tube adapters at both ends so it is very easy to tighten the jam nuts, you simply put a wrench on the bar and another wrench on the jam nut.  Nobody else offers this kind of user-friendly design! 


The meat of the track bar is a 1.5" OD 1026 cold-rolled DOM tube with a 1/4" wall for unbelievable strength. The bar has no bends in it so it does not deflect at all, and because DOM does have some "give" to it in extreme situations, you can four wheel with this track bar and not worry about bending it if you happen to hit a rock or a tree stump. For daily drivers, this track bar will never bend or break. We have spent many years using and abusing this same DOM tubing in steering applications and are confident that it will never let you down. 


The Dodge Off Road Track Bar can be made in custom lengths for trucks that are lifted extremely high (above 8" suspension), so send us an email and we will figure out how long your track bar needs to be. The standard sizes are stock to 3" lift, or 4" lift to 8" lift. Anything above 8" of suspension lift will be custom made for your truck.


The track bar kit includes all hardware (Grade 8) required and also instructions on how to install your kit. The bracket and bar both come powdercoated in gloss black. Installation does not require any cutting but you will need to drill two holes in a crossmember to bolt the bracket in place. Welding is also a great option if you have that capability. On some trucks, grinding the stock track bar mount on the axle helps provide extra clearance for the track bar and this becomes a necessary task the higher you lift your truck (due to the angle of the bar).


So what makes the DOR track bar better than anything else on the market?



  1. Ours uses superior replaceable parts for a long life, and ours is the only one that uses a Johnny Joint.
  2. It has no bends and a thicker tubing than any other bars, so it's stronger. With only two adjustment points, there is less room for failure.
  3. It is double adjustable, so it can be adjusted while bolted to the truck. This is important for getting the alignment perfect, and it makes the job a whole lot easier. Other track bars require you to remove one end of the bar to adjust them, which can be very frustrating and time-consuming.  We also use hex tube adapters, which make it very easy to adjust the track bar, and tighten the jam nuts without scratching the tube. 
  4. Ours is the only one made for trucks with more than 8" of suspension lift, and we are one of the only ones available for 2nd gens with more than 3" of lift.  Stock or lifted, we have you covered. 
  5. The DOR track bar is the only bar with zero failures, zero returns, zero complaints, period. Nobody else has this kind of track record.
  6. Like all of our parts, this is built by Ram truck owners and enthusiasts, who have tested multiple track bars over the years, and used that experience to come up with an end-all be-all track bar for our trucks.  We aren't just another company trying to sell you something.  We want you to have the best, and to be able to install something that will last, the first time.
  7. Our track bars are made specifically for 2nd gens, not a 3rd gen bar converted for use on a 2nd gen like almost all others. It's always better to use something that is actually designed for your truck, as opposed to trying to make a part from another truck fit. There are differences between the 2nd and 3rd gen track bar geometry, and on top of that, our bracket is much stronger than the 3rd gen conversion brackets. Plus the 3rd gen conversions are only good up to 3" of lift.  And none of the 3rd gen track bars can be adjusted on the truck.
  8. Price!  Compare the price of our HD track bar kit to any other option and you'll see that we have the least-expensive setup out of all high-end brands.  There are cheaper options, but you'll be replacing them at some point.  So do it right the first time and save yourself some money. 












Heim seals are a great way to protect your track bar heim from inclement conditions. Our heims are the best you can get, however when exposed to salt, mud, water, and ice, they will require a little maintenance and can wear out faster if not maintained. We came up with these poly seals to cover up the ball of the heim without restricting movement. You get all of the strength of a heim joint, with the longevity of a bushing. These are recommended if you live in a northern climate or near saltwater, or if you really abuse your truck in muddy, wet conditions on a regular basis.



  • 5
    DOR Track Bar

    Posted by Miles on Jun 3rd 2016

    Had the track bar installed at a local shop, tighten up my steering considerably. The techs were impressed with the quality of the track bar and easy install.

  • 5
    A Great Track Bar

    Posted by Josh Robsion on Jan 13th 2016

    My stock track bar was shot so went a ahead and bought this track bar. This product is good quality DO NOT LISTEN TO FORUMS if they tell you otherwise. Some people say oh this company is no good and their products that's BS. I have had this bar on for six months and put 20,000 miles on it so far. No play what so ever. I put this bar on myself with one extra set of hands to help. Took about 3 hours from start to finish to put it on. Overall a great product I recommend it

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by christopher pelletier on Aug 19th 2015

    I just installed this on the truck, installation was pretty straight forward with some parts pre assembled to make it that much easier. The bracket is heavy duty as well as all the parts included, the directions are pretty straight forward as well. The difference was immediately apparent during my first drive. You won't go wrong with this kit.

  • 5
    10" track bar

    Posted by Jose Delvalle on Mar 3rd 2015

    Hi there so I had hit a palm tree wheeling. My spohn track bar broke and bent like a twig. So I was online looking for a new track bar. And I came across DOR and I liked what I seen. The products they produce seem to be top notch. So I ordered this track bar for a 10" lift I also ordered there single adjustable long arm kit. And from the minute I opened the box I couldn't be happier. This bar is super heavy and the joints are huge. Easy to install as long as you don't mind drilling two holes in the cross member for the bracket. Lucky for me I already had this bracket installed on my truck. But I swapped them out anyways just to have the DOR sticker haha anyways since the install I gained 2" of lift back, due to my old bent up track bar sagging. 5 stars

  • 5
    You NEED this track bar!

    Posted by Deven LaVere on Feb 25th 2015

    If you have a 2nd or 3rd gen Ram, you NEED this track bar! The OE design is GARBAGE! Even a brand new bar isn't as tight and beefy as the DOR bar! Buy it once and forget about it! I thought my track bar was "OK" , then while pulling a trailer I got death wobble on the highway, SCARIEST experience of my life! It happened several more times, throwing everything inside the cab of the truck into the floorboards! Installed DOR HD track bar and steering response tightened up and ZERO death wobble since!

  • 5
    The real "problem solver"

    Posted by Michael Campbell on Feb 1st 2015

    This really does address the shortcomings of the terrible factory design. Installation was fairly easy with the hardest part being, making sure I was drilling the holes straight through the cross member. I had a buddy help as there are a couple times a extra set of hands is helpful. The track bar and hardware itself is solid. The steel lock nuts went on tight and also dabbed a bit of lock tight on there for added insurance, the mount was powder coated while the track bar was itself was painted. Once installed I was able to adjust by hand with no wrenches and the adjustment was smooth with no gritty feel or binding. Driving I noticed it took about 90% of the wander out of the truck(I have replaced all tie rod ends and drag links 3000 miles prior to installing the track bar), driving down the highway at 70 is no longer a chore. I have heard no clunks or creaks with the DOR bar as of the 300 miles I have put on it. In all I view this as a must have when your factory bar takes a dump, especially when running larger than stock tires. Mike

  • 5
    Nothing compares to DOR's track bar

    Posted by Kyle Evans on Sep 3rd 2014

    This thing is in a league on it's own in the 2nd gen world. I was going to buy a Carli bar and a 3rd gen conversion bracket, but it would have cost me a lot more money and I would have had problems with the coils hitting the bracket. DOR's setup is actually made for 2nd gens, it's not a 3rd gen conversion like most. So it fits better and works better. The quality of this thing is apparent as soon as you take it out of the box, they really pay attention to details and are making the best track bar kit available. Don't even think about buying anything else. This is the one.

  • 5
    Simply the best track bars on the market for 2nd gens..

    Posted by Kev on Mar 24th 2014

    These are simply the best track bars on the market for 2nd gen Dodges. The numbers and info above does not lie. Both the bracket and bar itself are practically indestructible. And the price vs. quality factor makes this a no brainer if you need or want a upgraded track bar.

  • 5

    Posted by Ryan on Mar 17th 2014

    This thing is beefy! Awesome craftsmanship!