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DOR's Patented Heavy Duty Steering Kit, Drill-Out version. Requires drilling knuckles and pitman arm to a 3/4" bore for installation. If you already have crossover steering and want to switch to T style, this kit will bolt right up to your already-drilled knuckles and pitman arm.  Includes Grade 8 hardware, complete tie rod and drag link assembly which are powdercoated satin black, and installation instructions. Does not have provisions for steering stabilizers. You can either add our stabilizer kit (much better than stock) or you can just order the clamp for any other stabilizer (factory or aftermarket). Many customers do not need a stabilizer once our steering is installed and the truck is aligned.  



The Dodge Off Road Steering Kit is the result of over ten years of research and extreme testing in harsh off road environments, and daily driving on poorly maintained roads. What we have designed is a reliable, heavy duty steering system that meets all of our criteria, in a way that no other steering system can offer you.  This steering linkage is so strong, a race truck we sponsor completed the Mint 400 with it!  The Mint 400 is known as the toughest off road race in America, it takes place in the brutal Nevada desert each year.  The race truck broke both leaf packs, but our steering held strong.  This was after it had been on the race truck for a full race season, and part of the previous season.  If DOR steering works for off road race trucks, it will certainly handle anything you want to throw at it!

1) Uncompromised strength. Thick-wall DOM 1026 tubing ensures that your tie rod and drag link will never bend, break, or otherwise let you down.  If they do, they are covered under our lifetime warranty. 

2) Easy to adjust and fine tune. Tie rod is one piece with RH thread heims on each end, so you set it and forget it.  The drag link adjustment goes in 1/16" increments, so you can precisely center your steering wheel.
3) Works on all trucks (1994-2012), regardless of lift height and wheel size/backspacing. If your stock steering fits, this will fit.  Also fits 2013 Ram 2500 models.

4) Proper steering geometry. Bumpsteer is designed out of this setup as much as possible thanks to the T-style design. The drag link does not bind up as quickly as stock when the suspension droops out, so there is less wear and tear, thanks to our  drag link heim being mounted in a better orientation (unlike crossover kits).

You will not find all four of these qualities with any other steering kit on the market. We can confidently say that, because we have tried all of them. What we are manufacturing is a totally new approach to Dodge steering, where everything was designed from scratch using the best parts money can buy, with some custom machined hardware that nobody else in the world has, and all joints are totally replaceable by the customer if they ever wear out. So far we have seven years of abuse on these same joints in a similar application with no failures or replacements to date, and our research indicates that other people have had the same results on their own trucks.


There are a lot of aftermarket steering options out there. So what makes our steering kit so special? It's the only kit that bolts in without modifications (bolt-in version only, see related products below), it is the only kit that works on all trucks regardless of wheels or lift height, and it's made using the strongest materials money can buy. Unlike crossover steering kits, the DOR setup does not introduce bumpsteer into your steering.


If you want a bolt-in kit with no drilling, see the related products section below.


This fits all Ram 1500 trucks from 1994 to 2001

This fits all Ram 2500 and 3500 trucks from 1994 to 2013


If you have a 2013+ Ram 3500 or a 2014+ Ram 2500 4x4 truck with the radius arm front end, we have a replacement steering kit available for those trucks separately.  Check out part number 1039 here on the site. 



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DOR Heavy Duty Steering Kit 94-13 Drill Out


  • 5

    Posted by D Curry on Nov 11th 2018

    Finally found someone locally with expertise in this setup. After a long wait the shop did align my truck. And it drives as good as a new truck! I really love this setup.

  • 5
    drill out steering kit

    Posted by Kevin on Jul 25th 2015

    I understand why people would want to go with bolt on for ease of install, but I went with the drill out because I figured it would be easier to replace parts if I ever needed to when I'm out on the trail. I've had my setup on my truck for close to 6 months and love it! Currently my truck is at stock height and I have absolutely no points of contact with anything under the truck! I recommend these steering setups over any other on the market.

  • 4
    bolt-in is the way to go

    Posted by chris sinkez on Oct 31st 2013

    i replaced my factory steering with this kit. the kit is great. it corrected all of my steering issues. but drilling out the pitman arm is not a fun experience. i broke two black oxide 3/4 inch drill bits trying to drill it out before i found an expensive cobalt bit. there is no way i could see drilling the pitman arm out while it is on the truck. i removed it and put it in a vice. to drill the knuckles out you have to jack the truck up and remove the tires and steering of coarse, so you completely loose your alignment. so between three drill bits and an alignment it does not make since to buy the drill out. save yourself some time, effort, and probably money and buy the bolt-in! i would also email and ask about build times as my kit took significantly longer than i would of liked to arrive but as a whole its a great product!

  • 5
    Wish I would have gotten the bolt-in

    Posted by Greg on Sep 30th 2013

    I replaced my Y-style setup with this and it helped a lot. My truck was all over the road and I didn't want to put cheap stock parts back on. The installation instructions with this kit are very detailed, just follow the steps and it's not hard to install. I wish I had gotten the bolt-in version because drilling the pitman arm out SUCKS and I ended up burning up two bits, at $50 each I could have just paid extra for the bolt-in kit. Once installed, the steering feels great. I had to adjust it a little to get rid of the dead spot in the center but now it's great. I don't think I'll have to replace my steering ever again.