Welcome to the new Dodge Off Road website!

Posted by Dodge Off Road on May 4th 2023

Welcome to the new Dodge Off Road website!

After 10 years on the same ecommerce platform, we've moved to a more modern program that has a lot more to offer.  It will take some time for us to get the site fully built out, but you'll immediately notice more functionality and faster load times.  There are a lot more payment options at checkout, and the checkout is a little easier to use.  The most exciting part for us is that all of our customer service emails and chats can be handled in one program, which is integrated with our ecommerce platform, so we'll be able to answer the most common questions a little faster and even offer self-service for some tasks.  Our previous store was great when we first signed up back in 2013, but the platform it ran on hasn't kept up with a lot of new technology over the last several years, so we decided it was time to upgrade.  We appreciate everyone's patience while all of the order and customer info is being migrated over.  There are a couple of things you need to know about this new site that will affect you: 

1) You must set a new password.  There wasn't any way to transfer your previous passwords over, so you'll need to use your email address and click the "forgot password" link to setup a new password.  If you create a whole new account, we can merge it with your old one, but it's more work for you to do it that way.  Just use the "forgot password" link and you will be able to log back in very quickly. 

2)  Your previous order numbers probably aren't going to transfer over, but we were able to save them in a new field that will be searchable.  So you can still use your old order number when talking to customer service, but you'll see a new order number when you go to your account.  Our messaging system will only pull up the new order number.  

There may be other little things that we come across, we're still learning how to use everything that is available to us.  The main thing to focus on here is that this software is much more modern and is one of the best ecommerce platforms in the world.  We're excited to give all of our customers a better shopping experience!