Dodge Off Road Progressive Leaf Pack Shackle Flip Kit 94-02 Ram 2500/3500

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Our shackle flip is one of the best suspension upgrades you can do to your 2nd gen Ram truck.  Switching the shackles from a tension to a compression setup makes the suspension feel softer, without decreasing your payload.  One of the best rear suspension setups you can have on a 2nd gen is to run some progressive rate leaf packs (Deaver and Atlas make them) and then run a shackle flip with that.  The trick is that a set of progressive rate leaf packs are already designed to remove your stock block, so adding our standard shackle flip will just make the truck sit 6" taller in the back.  We offer a progressive shackle flip for those customers who have progressive rate leaf packs but who do not want more lift.   This can work with any rear spring setup, but is designed for progressive rate leaf spring setups.  By moving the bushing up as high as possible on our frame bracket, we are able to minimize the lift height to just 3/4" with our zero rates.  If your spring pack has multiple center pin locations, you can opt to leave the zero rate out during install and actually drop the rear suspension 1/4" below where it's at right now. 
The kit includes everything that our standard shackle flip does - two frame brackets, bushings, two 3/8" laser cut shackles, all new mounting hardware, and instructions for installation.  The install is very easy.  Just remove your factory shackle brackets from the rear of the frame, and bolt our brackets up in the rivet holes.  Install the zero rates to your spring pack (if needed) and then bolt it all back together.  We provide a new U bolt flip as an option if you would like to upgrade that setup as well.   The U bolts are 5/8" Grade 8 and our U bolt plates are 3/8", for the strongest U bolt setup you will ever need.  
This shackle flip is designed specifically around progressive leaf packs for 2nd gen 2500 and 3500 trucks.  The shackle angle, bushing placement, and zero rate offset are built specifically for this application.  We do not recommend running this shackle flip with any other leaf spring pack because the shackle angle will not be correct and you can end up with poor handling characteristics out of the rear suspension.  If you don't know what a progressive leaf pack is and none of this makes sense to you, you are going to want to buy our standard shackle flip - part number 1007.  That is designed for factory leaf springs, or aftermarket leaf springs that have 3 to 5 individual leaf springs in the pack. 
This fits all 2nd gen Ram 2500 or 3500 series trucks with progressive leaf packs, from 1994 to 2002, including 2wd trucks.   


Lift heights are 3/4" with our zero rates, or 1/4" drop without our zero rates.  This is in addition to your existing suspension height with no other changes being made. 


Our shackles are adjustable in 1/4" increments so you can fine tune your height and also compensate for driver side lean.