Dodge Off Road Johnny Joint High Clearance Short Arms Non-Adjustable 03-09

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These are the strongest tubular short arms in the industry, with the highest quality weld-on spherical joints available.  These are built identical to our bushing-ended short arms, however we substitute the bushings for Currie Johnny Joints.  Spherical joints are stronger and allow more misalignment than bushings, so these are great for trucks that see a lot of time in the dirt or rocks.  Compare to other arms that use track bar tubing, and ours look like behemoths.  Our lower arms are 2" OD x .250" wall DOM tube, and the uppers are 1.5" OD x .250" wall DOM tube.  The lowers are bent for tire clearance and the uppers are offset as far as they can be, to offer the most tire clearance possible without sacrificing strength.  You will not bend or break these arms, and if the joints ever wear out, they are easily rebuildable.  As long as you keep the joints greased up, they should last many years without any issues.  
You will gain 1.5" tire clearance over stock arms using these.  If you are running stock wheels and wider tires, you may still have some minor rubbing, but since we use tube to build the arms, it's really not noticeable other than the powdercoat getting rubbed off.  If you have offset wheels then you shouldn't have any issues, but we have not tested these with every wheel and tire combo out there and cannot guarantee that a particular setup will or will not rub.  If you are having problems with your tires rubbing the control arms you have now, these are a great fix for that problem.  
These arms are made to order and usually take a couple of weeks to build.  All arms are made to push the axle 1/2" forward of the stock location for more tire clearance and better suspension and steering geometry. They are powdercoated semi-gloss black.  You will reuse your factory control arm hardware (14mm upper and 16mm lower at both ends).  These are not available for 4th gen trucks with the 18mm cam bolt but you could run them on a 4th gen if you drop down to a 16mm cam bolt. 
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DOR Short Arms Fixed Bent Johnny Joints 3G