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DOR's long arms are the strongest, longest, best-designed, and have been around longer than any other long arm kit on the market. If you are tired of all of the wimpy, mid-length "long arms" out there, here is your answer.  These are the same design as our very successful 2nd gen long arm kits, just with new brackets designed for the 3rd and 4th gen boxed frames. These are designed to be totally bulletproof with 3/8" brackets, all Grade 8 hardware, 2" OD .250" wall DOM tubing upper and lower, and totally bolt-in installation. Depending on suspension height, you may need to modify your body mount brackets to clear the upper arm. We also offer bent upper arms to help clear the body mount (see our related products at the bottom of the page). All long arm kits require the stock lower control arm mount to be cut off. You will gain more travel and a better ride out of these arms.


This is the double-adjustable version of our long arms, with a 1.25" shank forged Currie Johnny Joint at both ends of the arms. This gives you the ability to adjust the arm length without removing the ends of the arms (reverse threaded joints) and you will also have the most flexibility available in any of our long arm kits thanks to the misalignment of the joints at both ends. Both joints are rebuildable and greaseable so they will give you years of reliable service. The double adjustable arms are our best-selling long arm kit.


Requires at least 10" lift on your 03-12 Ram 2500/3500 4x4 to fit.  All long arm kits require the lower control arm mounts to be cut off of the frame due to interference with the new lower arm.  Trimming of the body mounts may be required depending on lift height and suspension travel.

The upper arms are bent slightly to help clear the frame, but the lower arms are not bent at all.  This kit requires offset wheels in order for the tires to not rub the lower arms.  If you do not have offset wheels or if you are just concerned that the tires might rub, get our bent long arm kit.  

4th gen models will receive a cam bolt delete kit with their order, so there is an extra charge for those year models. 

All long arm orders will have the Johnny Joints and jam nuts drop shipped directly from the manufacturer, unless the order is being shipped outside of the United States.  The joints and jam nuts will arrive separately and may arrive before or after the rest of the long arm kit.  We do provide tracking information on the drop ship as soon as we get it.  The long arm kit will ship in three boxes from our shop in Lakeview, and then one or two boxes from California. 



These long arms are not a stocked item, we build them to order.  Depending on material on-hand, backorders, shipping delays, etc it could take weeks or months for your order to ship.  We do not guarantee when it will ship.

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DOR Long Arms 3G/4G Double ADJ