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Our 5th gen long arm kit is what you've been looking for if you have a 2014-2023 Ram 2500 or a 2013-2023 Ram 3500 4x4 truck.  We have developed a long arm system that is not only more functional than all other setups, but is easier to install, requires no permanent modification or cutting to your truck, and is less expensive than comparable options.  Our long arm system does not cut any corners, as we use only the best materials.  If you are familiar with long arm systems, you know that the longer the arms are, the flatter they are at ride height, which prevents the axle from swinging fore and aft as much as with short or mid arms.  Long arms are better than radius arms because you have two separate arms that allow the axle and suspension to move without binding up.  Radius arms inherently bind the suspension; that's why the newer trucks use a smaller sway bar than older trucks - the radius arms are your primary anti-sway device.  That is great for a tow rig, but if you want more out of your truck, long arms are the way to go.  You will have more suspension travel, more articulation, a better ride on the highway, less caster change as the suspension moves, and more strength because there are more mounting points.  We have also designed these arms to provide more tire clearance than the factory radius arms, so you can eliminate tire rubbing.  And our long arm kit is adjustable, which means it can grow with you if you lift your truck, or want to move the axle forward a little more.  Most setups out there are not adjustable so you are stuck with what the manufacturer gives you.  We like to offer adjustable kits because everybody is different, and we realize that you may want to run our long arms with another brand of suspension, or vice versa.  Most companies don't like this, but we build all of our products to work with any suspension. 

So what makes our long arm kit so much better than other options? 
1)  Adjustable upper and lower arms with 1.25" Currie Johnny Joints on all arms. 
2)  No permanent modification required.  A simple bolt-on install. 
3)  Longer arms than anybody else, making these the flattest arms available. 
4)  Perfectly designed 4 link geometry. 
5)  More tire clearance than stock, and much stronger. 
6)  More ground clearance than radius arms.
7)  Works on stock height trucks, up to 6" lift as-is. 
8)  Less expensive than comparable options, by more than half in some cases. 
Our long arm system is very simple.  It's two sets of brackets and four arms.  You don't need to cut the body mounts, and you don't have to cut any factory brackets off the frame.  Just bolt our new upper long arm bracket on, which is self-indexing to the frame to make install very easy.  Once the new brackets are bolted on with the provided hardware, all you do is remove your factory radius arms and install our new long arms.  The lower arms mount in the factory radius arm frame brackets using the factory hardware, and the upper arms mount in our new 1/4" steel upper brackets using supplied hardware.  The Currie Johnny Joints slide into the frame brackets, and the 1/4" thick clevis mounts go on the axle end, and reuse your factory hardware and cam bolts.  You use the Johnny Joints to adjust caster, axle position, and arm length as needed.  With the adjustability of this setup, you can finally get rid of the coil spring bow that 5th gen trucks have! 
The upper and lower arms are just like our 2nd-4th gen long arm setups, using 2" OD x .250" wall DOM tube.  Yes, a boxed-style arm is stronger, but nobody has ever bent or broken any of our long arms, so why jack up the cost of the kit just to look cool?  Similarly, the factory radius arm mounts are strong enough to hold the entire suspension under the truck, so we are using them for the lower arms only.  That reduces the load on these brackets and makes the installation so much easier.  For those who want a more hardcore setup, we do offer a new 3/8" bracket that requires the factory radius arm mount to be cut and grinded off the frame.  This is an upgrade for those who wheel their trucks very hard and may bend the factory radius arm mounts.  If you are not beating your truck on the rocks or racing in the desert regularly, then the factory radius arm mounts are fine.  You can always upgrade to the stronger brackets later if needed.  
The upper arm brackets are a new thing for us.  These are 1/4" steel, with a 1/8" steel backing plate to fit into a groove that is on the frame, and then there is a 3/8" indexing key that squares everything up.  It's all welded together to make a totally self-indexing bracket that you literally just hold up to the frame, line everything up, and then mark your 5 holes to drill.  Very simple.  That is the only modification required for this kit to work.  The upper arm is bent in such a way that it clears the body mounts at full bump without any cutting.  
If you look at the quality of the materials being used to build this, the ease of installation, and the flawless suspension geometry, it's easy to see that this long arm system offers the most value of any long arm kit on the market.  No matter how much more expensive another setup may be, it will not out-perform our long arm setup.  We have been making long arm suspensions longer than anyone else currently offering them for these newer trucks, and we're very happy with the results of this setup. 
Works on all 2014 to 2023 Ram 2500 4x4 trucks, stock height and up.
Works on all 2013 to 2023 Ram 3500 4x4 trucks, stock height and up.
Works on all 2014 to 2023 Ram 2500 Power Wagon models, stock height and up.
These arms will work on lifts up to 6" as-is, but if you have a bigger truck and need them made longer, just email or call us and we'll build a custom set for you. 
If you have any steps that mount to the body mount under the front door hinges, these long arms will likely interfere with the mount.  Custom fabrication will most likely be required to make our long arms work with steps, especially Amp steps.  This varies depending on lift height.  We do not guarantee the long arms to fit with any other modifications on your truck. 
If you have a 2019 and up Hemi truck with the Active Tuned Mass Module (ATMM) that mounts right above the factory radius arm, that is where our upper arm bracket bolts up.  You'll need to relocate the ATMM or remove them to run our long arms.  All the module does is eliminate some vibrations by counterbalancing them.  If you're getting long arms, you probably aren't concerned about vibration from a Hemi V8 going into 4 cylinder mode. 
These long arms are not a stocked item, we build them to order.  Depending on material on-hand, backorders, shipping delays, etc it could take weeks or months for your order to ship.  We do not guarantee when it will ship.
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