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Our 5th gen steering linkage is truly a sight to behold.  We've been selling these all over the world since 2015, and it will absolutely blow your mind when you see the size of the materials we are working with.  This is by far the strongest steering linkage ever made for any Ram truck.  In fact, this is bigger than what most rock bouncers and monster trucks use. 
If you've spent any time under a 2014 and up Ram HD truck, you know how big the factory steering looks.  But that's just the thing - it only looks big; the tie rod ends themselves are still just as puny as they were on previous year models.  In fact, Dodge hasn't beefed up the actual TREs since 1998.  All they have done is used larger tubing or changed from Y style to T style, but there have been no strength upgrades where it matters most.  TREs still shear, or at the very least they just don't last that long.  Our 2014 Ram 2500 had loose tie rod ends with just 8,000 miles on the truck!  DOR's new steering linkage solves the problems of loose steering, constantly having to re-align your truck, or the dreaded steering failure.  By using stronger materials, we can prevent all of these issues and give you some much-needed steering beef that you can install and have some peace of mind.  Whether you just use your truck to drive to work, pull a trailer, or if you are off-roading for work or play, you need dependable and responsive steering.  Here are some specs on what we are offering. 
  • 2" OD x .250" wall DOM tie rod
  • 1.5" OD x .250" wall DOM drag link
  • Grade 8 hardware for knuckles and pitman arm connections
  • 303 stainless custom heim joint and tapered sleeve hardware
  • Satin black powdercoated finish 
The tie rod is made from 2" OD x .250" wall DOM 1026 tube.  Yes, this is the same tube we use to make the beefiest control arms and long arms on the market.  Now it's available as a tie rod to hold your steering together.  This is the same OD as the factory tie rod center section, however our DOM tube is much stronger than the hollow pipe Ram uses.  You'll notice that the factory linkage necks down to 1.5" OD closer to the knuckles - ours is 2" all the way from end to end.  This isn't a gimmick, it's just pure steering beef for your heavy duty Ram truck.  We could use smaller OD tube and save a few bucks, as our 1994-2012 linkages have never bent or broken, but we wanted to make sure that the tie rod did not look smaller than what is already on the truck.   This tie rod is bent on our CNC tube bender, so it will clear the differential cover and fit just like the stock tie rod.  
Our drag link is made from the same 1.5" OD x .250" wall DOM that we use on all of our other steering kits, and track bars.  This stuff is bigger than most control arms from other companies, and the strength is very impressive.  The drag link is not subject to the same abuse as the tie rod, since it's tucked up and out of the way, so 1.5" OD works great and gives a little more clearance around the track bar, sway bar end links, etc.   We also bend the drag link to help with clearance, but to also decrease the angles on the heim joints when at ride height. 
On both the tie rod and drag link, we are using our 7/8" shank 4130 chromoly heim joints, with a radial static load over 55,000 lbs.  These heim joints are amazingly strong, and they last so much longer than traditional tie rod ends.  Yes, they are street legal and can be used in all 50 states.  There is a lot of bad info on the web about heim joints not being street legal, but none of it is true.  Heim joints are safer than tie rod ends because they are captured in place - if the ball comes out of the housing, it can only drop 1/2".  If a tie rod end ball comes out of it's socket, there is nothing holding it in place and therefore the steering would completely separate.  Heim joints will not allow that to happen.  Heims also last longer because they operate at different angles and do not wear faster because of those angles.  They can be run flat or at 16 degrees, it doesn't matter to them.  Tie rod ends hate being run at an angle and that is part of the reason that they wear out so quickly.   We have been using these heims for over 8 years on one of our trucks, and they are still tight.  As long as you keep them clean, they will probably last longer than you own the truck.  We offer heim seals for a few extra bucks, for those that live in salty or muddy areas.  The seals are small polyurethane washers that cover the heim ball and help keep debris from rubbing the teflon liner.  We've been using them for a couple of years on our steering kits and track bars with great success. 
Our custom hardware is what makes this steering kit possible.  We have the only tapered sleeves in the world for this application, which allow Grade 8 hardware to be used to attach the steering to the knuckles and pitman arm.  We also have some custom machined pieces made from 303 stainless that help give the heims the misalignment they need for proper function in the steering.   We also offer a 1018 steel steering stabilizer clamp, so you can bolt your stock stabilizer back up if you want to.  With the new linkage, the factory stabilizer really isn't needed but there are some great aftermarketing stabilizers that will help keep the truck driving straight down the road when you have oversized/aggressive tires. 
If you are tired of sloppy steering, replacing expensive TREs all the time, or if you want a dependable steering setup to keep your truck on the road and out of the shop, the DOR steering linkage is what you've been looking for.  Installation is very simple and can be done in about 30 minutes with basic hand tools in most cases.  You will receive a new tie rod, drag link, four heim joints with tapered bolts and other hardware, and the optional steering clamp and stabilizer.  All you have to do is park the truck on flat ground, remove the factory tie rod and drag link, and then bolt ours up.  If your truck already has the toe set, you won't even need to get an alignment after installing.  Just follow our simple step-by-step instructions that are included with the steering kit and you'll be back on the road in no time.  If you ever have an issue with our steering linkage, it is covered with a lifetime warranty against any defects.  The best part is that our full steering linkage is much cheaper than the factory setup, so when your factory steering does wear out, you can actually save money by purchasing our steering kit.  With the money you save on your steering linkage, you can buy our 4.5 gen steering brace and give your steering box some extra support.  It will help tighten the steering even more, and is another really easy product to install.  Check it out in the related products below. 
This steering linkage is 100% manufactured in the USA! 
This product is not a stocked item, we build them to order.  Depending on material on-hand, backorders, shipping delays, etc it could take weeks or months for your order to ship.  We do not guarantee when it will ship.
This is a direct replacement of Mopar part numbers 68111302AA, 5154992AD, 68111300AA, 68034229AB, 68236711AA, 68236711AA, 68111292AA, 68111304AA, 68111302AA 
This steering linkage will fit the following trucks: 
Works on all 2014 to 2022 Ram 2500 4x4 trucks, stock height and up.
Works on all 2013 to 2022 Ram 3500 4x4 trucks, stock height and up.
Works on all 2014 to 2022 Ram 2500 Power Wagon models, stock height and up.
It does not fit earlier models, if your passenger side knuckle does not have two separate mounts for the tie rod and drag link, this will not work.  You also cannot use the newer knuckles on the older AAM 925 axles, they are different sizes and won't fit together.  If you want crossover steering on the older trucks (2012 and down), look at part number 1022-Extreme.  It's almost identical to this kit but it uses 3/4" Grade 8 bolts and you have to drill your knuckles and pitman arm out.