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For years, we've been the only place in the world to buy frame horns for your 2nd gen Dodge Ram.  Now we are going to the next step and offering a full tube bumper for your 2nd gen truck, totally welded and powdercoated.
This modular tube bumper is built in three sections so that we can ship it UPS Ground in two boxes.  The center section uses our 1/4" CNC cut frame brackets that are fully boxed, and we use a 2" OD x .120" wall tube on the top and bottom.  This section is fully welded and bolts to your existing bumper bolt holes on the frame, and it will clear the factory intercooler on diesel trucks.  The two side plates bolt to the center section using 1/2" Grade 8 bolts through another 1/4" CNC cut piece of steel.  The upper tube lines up with the tube on the center section and the lower kicker pieces are 1.75" OD x .120" wall.  We offer 3/16" steel skins as an option, which perfectly fill in the center section, and both outside sections. The skins are bolted to the bumper in case they ever get damaged and need to be replaced.  We also offer powdercoating on the bumper, with or without skins.  We also have an option to weld D ring mounts to the frame horns if you need a couple of good recovery points.  
You can easily add light bars or cubes to this bumper once you get it; there is a lot of room behind the optional skins, and a light bar fits nicely on top of the center tube section.  If you plan to pull anything or nerf anybody with this bumper (off road racing), you will want to weld the frame horns in place.  The way the 2nd gen frames are built, the bumper will rotate up and down a little bit unless you weld the brackets in place.  You can also drill a hole in the bottom of the frame horn and bolt through the bottom of the frame, but we find it's best to just lay a couple of beads on the horn and frame once you have the bumper lined up and the bolts are tight. 

The top tube sticks out 8" from the grill.  All bumpers are powdercoated satin black unless you want them in bare steel.  Powdercoat option will add about 3 days to the build time.  If bumpers are listed in stock, they are in bare steel and will still need to be coated.  Shipping is UPS Ground only, or you can pick the bumper up at our shop. 


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    best tube bumper out there

    Posted by matt on Apr 29th 2019

    This is by far the best tube bumper for 2nd gens, it's built a lot better and can actually take some impacts. Most of the other ones are really thin material and bend easily, which is fine for mall crawlers but if you plan to use your truck offroad then you need a real offroad bumper