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An improvement on DOR's best-selling 2nd gen track bar, our Extreme Duty track bar simply beats all other track bars into submission.  With .500" wall DOM tubing, a massive 1" shank Johnny Joint and a 7/8" shank 4130 chromoly heim joint, all Grade 8 hardware, and a 1/4" steel bracket, this bar is totally bolt on and built to handle anything you want to throw at it.  Using joints at both ends allows the suspension to move uninhibited, with more misalignment than any track bar ever made for a Ram truck.  This track bar is great for trucks that are used heavily off road, race trucks, or for guys who simply want the best. 
The Extreme Duty Track Bar is a complete kit that comes with the track bar, joints, 1/4" steel bracket, and all Grade 8 mounting hardware.
The DOR Extreme Duty Track Bar will fit all 2nd gen 4x4 trucks (1994-2001 1500, and 1994-2002 2500/3500), and the beam axle 2wd 3500 trucks (most commonly used on cab and chassis trucks).


Also available - our heim seals are a great way to protect your track bar heim from inclement conditions. Our heims are the best you can get, however when exposed to salt, mud, water, and ice, they will require a little maintenance and can wear out faster if not maintained. We came up with these poly seals to cover up the ball of the heim without restricting movement. You get all of the strength of a heim joint, with the longevity of a bushing. These are recommended if you live in a northern climate or near saltwater, or if you really abuse your truck in muddy, wet conditions on a regular basis.

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DOR XTB Track Bar 2G


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    Perfect fit

    Posted by Brandon Nelson on Oct 17th 2016

    Up to this point I haven't had good experiences with track bar's, I've only installed a couple but they have all put up a fight for one reason or another. This track bar went in perfect! I couldn't believe how easy the installation was. Another huge plus was having the track bar adjustable once installed, with a couple plumb bob's strung up I was able to center the axle in minutes. The track bar itself is pure beef, total overkill and I love it. The new bracket is nice and simple, doesn't hang down to much and ties into the factory bracket and cross member really nice. I installed the track bar, new control arms, and steering at the same time, so I can't really say how much of a difference the track bar itself made. I can say the truck drives amazing, no bump steer, no bouncing side to side, and no binding. I'm pretty sure I would max out the control arms before any binding would come from the track bar. Just make sure you give the instructions a good once over and make sure you have all the tools needed for installation, like the 3/4 hole saw. 100% recommend this to anyone debating on what track bar to buy!

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    Xtreme track bar 98 dodge 3500 12valve

    Posted by Matthew Greene on May 4th 2016

    This was by far the best bolt on kit I have seen for a truck and the product was the best quality I have seen. The only thing that would have made this kit better was a 3/4" hole saw included in the kit that is required for install. I had all the other tools and drill bits required. I am a Master Tech for Nissan and have tons of tools just never needed a 3/4" hole saw. Also the cost in parts and time for me to build something like this, which I have the skill and tools to do, wasn't worth it. It took me an hour and a half to install and half that was spent going to get a hole saw.

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    Posted by Wade Myers on Oct 8th 2013

    Seriously freed up the suspension movement! Ride Quality is improved 100% over the 3rd gen style bar I had before. No more binding, no more banging! Everything is UBER heavy duty! couldn't be happier. Danny does it again!