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For the most hardcore Dodge owners in the world, our Extreme line of products is built around your needs.  This line of products is not for the faint of heart.  We like to push our trucks to their limits and this suspension system is built to take the abuse.  There has never been a 2nd gen suspension like this before!  If you want the best of everything, with no compromises, all designed to work together and take you through the most hardcore terrain in the world, our 7" Extreme Suspension is exactly what you need!   
We have put together a suspension that is perfect for the "go anywhere, do anything" truck that many of us want to build.  This concept is based on Danny Gaston's vision that started in 2003, to have a truck that can be wheeled in all types of terrain without breaking down like so many 4x4 vehicles do, still be a daily driver for those who like to cruise to work in style, and have all of the benefits of a full size truck with room to carry several passengers, a ton of gear, and be able to pull out any lesser rigs that you may have in your group.  When 37" tires don't give you enough ground clearance to clear the obstacles in your path, you need a suspension that can give you the room to run 40" or larger tires, yet still be able to use the full suspension travel.  Many suspensions or lift kits are built around clearing a certain size tire at ride height, but what about those of us who actually use our trucks?  The DOR Extreme 7" Suspension System is the result of decades of hands-on fabricating and wheeling experience, a lot of trial and error, and years of thought.  Every piece has a purpose, and it is all designed to work together.  From the spring rates being dialed in to provide the front and rear suspension a balanced feel, to the suspension travel being 16" up front and 17" in the rear so that your tires are always in contact with the terrain beneath your truck, to the custom long travel front driveshaft that is included in the kit so you don't have to run a ground-clearance-robbing transfer case indexing ring, and to parts that can only be purchased with this kit such as our integrated belly pan skid plate, you are simply never going to find a more complete or well-thought out suspension package in the world.  The reason for this is simple - this is designed, built, and used by Ram truck owners.  Without the years of experience in the shop and on the trails, this wouldn't be possible to imagine, let alone build.  
So what makes this suspension so great?  Let's start with the front end:
Custom valved and built Fox 2.5" remote reservoir dual rate coilovers, allowing a full 16" of travel and the softest spring rates of any setup, anywhere.  We offer the option to bump up to 3" diameter shocks for even more dampening power for those who plan to run their trucks in high speed environments. The coilover portion of the shocks is built using Eibach springs, with custom rates dialed in to your particular application.  We use bolt-in shock towers made from 3/16" steel, which include all of the hardware for mounting. 
Our dual adjustable long arm kit, with both arms bent for tire clearance so you can run any wheel/tire combo you want.  The brackets are made from 3/8" steel, cut on our CNC table and hand-drilled using a precision hole cutter.  All Grade 8 hardware holds the brackets and arms in place, and the Currie Johnny Joints at both ends are famously dependable, with 30 degrees of misalignment and 1.25" shank forged bodies for the ultimate strength.  You can still use your factory cam bolts so the truck can be aligned easily, and with dual adjustable arms you will be able to fine tune your axle placement for the most tire clearance possible.  By default, we will move your axle 1.5" forward of the stock location. 
Our Extreme duty track bar, the strongest Dodge track bar ever made.  It's dual adjustable to make your axle alignment a breeze, and also uses a Currie Johnny Joint with a 1" shank at the axle end, and our heat treated chromoly heim joint at the frame end for all of the misalignment and strength you will ever need.  The bracket is laser cut, CNC formed, and bolts up easily.
For the first time ever, and only available with this kit, we provide a custom built high-travel front driveshaft with upgraded U joints and thick wall tube, so you don't have to worry about the driveshaft binding up.  Running a transfer case indexing ring is common, but it's not for the hardcore crowd - they reduce ground clearance under the driveshaft and transfer case, and you still have a weak factory driveshaft that isn't long enough anyway.  Our custom driveshaft is built by the professionals at Tom Wood's, and will bolt right up to your truck.  We supply new yokes for both ends so you can run the upgraded 1350 U joints for even more strength!  
We also provide the other necessary items, such as a forged drop pitman arm, stainless braided, kevlar-lined brake lines, polyurethane bumpstops (with an option to upgrade to hydro bumpstops), and heavy duty quad-wrapped limit straps to keep your coilovers from over-extending.  Nobody else offers this kind of complete package.  And that's just the front suspension! 
For the rear suspension, things actually get more intense.  Most rear suspensions are very basic - leaf springs, some shocks, maybe a shackle flip. While we have been able to provide some really high quality rear suspension setups built around leaf springs, nothing compares to a rear 4 link with coilovers.  You can completely eliminate axle wrap, you will have a lot more travel, the truck rides better, and nothing says hardcore like a truck with front and rear coilovers.   So here is the rundown of what you get with this suspension: 
Our rear 4 link system provides 6" of lift, 17" of travel, and is built very similarly to our front long arm and track bar setup.  We use the same Fox remote resi coilovers in the back, with dual rate springs and custom valving for your application.  These are built after we go over your plan for the truck and discuss how much weight you plan to keep in the bed, if you want to tow, and other variables.  The coilovers are mounted using our 1/4" CNC cut brackets, which will be welded to your axle and bolted to the frame.  
To hold the axle in place, we supply our rear trailing arms, which are actually longer than our front long arms, but built using the exact same materials.  The brackets are 3/8" steel cut on our CNC table, then hand-drilled using a precision hole cutter.  The brackets will bolt to your frame using Grade 8 hardware, or you can weld them in place for extra peace of mind.  
Since our rear arms are not triangulated very much to allow you to keep your stock fuel tank in place, we provide a rear track bar setup that bolts up to the frame and to the welded axle mount.  This track bar is built exactly like our front track bar, so you have all of the strength and adjustability of that setup. 
Last, we provide limiting straps and polyurethane bump stops to help control the suspension travel and make sure everything is in check.  You can upgrade to hydro bumps for the rear as well, and since they are Fox 2.0" bumps, it will give the truck a very high-end finishing touch while providing you with the best dampening technology available.  
Those are the specs for the standard system.  There are options to add a belly pan skid plate, hydro bumps front and rear, a torsion sway bar up front, diff covers, and one of our steering kits to give you a complete package.  
The belly pan skid plate is only available with this suspension, and it bolts between the front and rear long arm brackets.  Made from 1/4" steel and 1.5" DOM tube, it's a very solid structure that can support the weight of your truck, but is designed to allow the truck to slide over an obstacle without getting caught up.  It will protect your transfer case and is easily removed if you need to work under your truck.  
The torsion sway bar is about half the rate of the stock sway bar, so it gives you a smoother ride and still allows the suspension to flex without having to unbolt the sway bar.  You will still want to unbolt it when you need the full suspension travel, but for light wheeling and daily driving, it helps add some stability to the truck at higher speeds.  
The hydropneumatic bump stops are made by Fox, and are the ultimate bump stops for those who are catching air under the tires, or who just wheel their trucks hard enough to bottom the suspension out regularly.  The air bumps will slow the compression down for the last couple inches of travel so that the suspension doesn't bottom out quickly, but more gently.  These are weld-on units but we supply the brackets and pads needed.  We can also upgrade them to 2.5" diameter bumps if you need the bigger size. 
Our diff covers are a necessity for anybody who is wheeling their truck, but are listed as an option in case you already have diff covers.  Ours are made from 3/8" steel and feature magnetic fill and drain plugs, so they are stronger and more user-friendly than any other diff covers on the market.  They are powder coated gloss black and come with Grade 9 Allen head bolts, which resist damage from rocks much better than standard hex head bolts. 
You can also choose any of our steering kit packages, for the ultimate in steering performance.  We offer a T style kit, a crossover kit, and a new high steer kit.  We can also get you setup with the only double-ended hydro assist setup on the market, or help you go with full hydro if you prefer.  Email us for details.  
This is a highly customized system, so if you have swapped in different axles or want a different suspension height, we can probably work with you.  And while this is designed around the 2500/3500 series trucks, we can adapt it to fit the 1500 models as well.  If you want it, we can probably build it, so let's discuss your needs.