DOR 2nd Gen 3" Short Arm Suspension Kit 94-02 2500/3500

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Dodge Off Road's popular line of suspension kits not only give your truck the taller ride height you are looking for, but they also improve the ride quality of your truck and make it more reliable than stock. Our goal is not to just lift the truck to make it look cool - we want your truck to be better than it was before installing our kits. Here is how we achieve that:


3" Progressive Rate Coil Springs, much softer than the factory springs, made specifically for 2nd gen trucks (these are not 3rd gen coils like everyone else uses!)


Dodge Off Road Fixed Length Short Arms, the strongest arms of their kind - in use all over the world


Dodge Off Road Shackle Flip and U Bolt Flip, which softens the rear suspension considerably, and allows you to remove the factory block to eliminate axle wrap


You can also add our Heavy Duty track bar to this package to tighten up the steering and center your front axle. This is recommended on all kits unless you already have an adjustable track bar.

We also have an option to add our huge 1.25" OD sway bar end links on 98 - 02 models (sorry 94-97 guys, we don't have those available yet).  They are not necessary but are a great upgrade if your stock end links are worn out.  

We no longer include shocks with suspension kits, you will need to source your own shocks. 


This kit fits all 1994 to 2002 Ram 2500 and 3500 models. The front suspension height is an actual 3" lift on quad/extended cab trucks, and regular cab trucks will sit closer to 3.5". The rear is adjustable from 1" to 1.5". This will give your truck a level stance. Most trucks can fit 37" tires with this setup, using 8" wide wheels with 4.5" backspacing, however some minor trimming of the front fender may be required. 35" tires fit really well, with plenty of room for articulation.



Our suspension systems have been proven all across North and South America, in the toughest terrain on Earth.  From Alaska and Canada to the very tip of Argentina, and everywhere in between, you can find DOR suspension parts under trucks that are going places that most vehicles would never dream of.  Everything we build is designed to take a beating and keep going, so you can enjoy the adventure without worrying about your suspension letting you down.  When you want the toughest 2nd gen suspension system in the world, DOR has you covered. 


This suspension system is not a stocked item, we build them to order.  Depending on material on-hand, backorders, shipping delays, etc it could take weeks or months for your order to ship.  We do not guarantee when it will ship.

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2nd Gen 3" Short Arm Suspension Kit 2500/3500


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    Posted by Brandon Nelson on Oct 17th 2016

    After getting the kit installed (along with DOR's steering kit) I'm blown away by the quality and ride performance! Best way to explain it, my '98 2500 rides like a brand new 1500 now. The suspension isn't to 'squishy', the truck just feels so much more solid and responsive now with a nice comfortable ride. This is so much more than a lift kit and would highly recommend to anyone. With the air bag kit DOR offers, I really think this would be the an amazing kit for a tow rig. The shackle flip makes huge improvements on ride stability under load and axle wrap is completely gone taking off with a heavy load. I don't think the shackle flip hurts towing or load capacity at all over the stock set up, it does improve handling though. Personally I think if your loaded up heavy enough to need the overloads on top of the leaf pack, you should be running air bags anyway. Lastly, I love how everything fits on the truck with this kit, you can really tell it was designed by someone who has a 2nd gen, everything goes on perfectly.

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    Best driving truck I've ever been in

    Posted by Tim M. on Sep 3rd 2014

    Why spend all of that time/money for the same lift height as you get from the typical "leveling kit"?? Performance. This is the best driving truck that I have ever been in. From cruising around town, to interstate driving, to pounding dirt roads, to catching some air while ripping across a field at 70+mph. No issues putting all the power down on any terrain.