2005 Ram 2500 Power Wagon


This 2005 Power Wagon was the 469th one made by Dodge, and it first came into the DOR family when Clint bought it in 2012.  It already had a cheap 4" lift on it (6" on a regular 2500) and Clint put some 37" Toyos on it, along with the Road Armor-styled bumpers and an Engo 16,000 lb winch.  This truck had the first DOR T Style linkage ever installed, along with our steering brace.  In June 2015, the truck was being used to pull a 20 ft river boat out of the White River, as it had done dozens of times before, and somehow the current caught the boat but didn't break the small eyelet on the front of the boat.  The current pulled the truck into the river where it sat for several hours in water that completely submerged the engine and part of the cab.  It took three wreckers to pull it out and insurance totalled the truck.  Danny bought it back from the insurance company and began rebuilding it.  The motor only needed a new piston and rod, along with a good flush.  Some of the sensors needed to be replaced and eventually the ECM had to be swapped out, but otherwise it really didn't need much work mechanically.  The front seats were leather so they got mangled up from the water, and were replaced.  The Engo winch needed to be rebuilt but we opted to just replace it.  The truck also needed new doors, a new hood, new fenders and a new bed.  Instead of getting factory fenders, we ordered fiberglass fenders and bedsides from Fiberwerx and then had the whole truck repainted. 

2005 Ram 2500 Power Wagon
5.7 liter Hemi with Fastman throttle body, Diablo tuner, straight exhaust with Flowmaster 40s dumped near the back of the cab
DOR 6" Long Travel Suspension with Swayaway 2.5" remote reservoir front and rear coilovers, long arms, and rear 4 link - 15" travel up front, 17" travel in the back. 
41.5" Pitbull Rocker Radials on Trailready 17" x 8.5" beadlocks
Factory lockers in the AAM axles, with locker bypass mod and DOR diff covers
DOR HD T style steering
DOR track bar and drop bracket
DOR steering brace
DOR Power Wagon sway bar end links with factory Power Wagon sway bar 
Fiberwerx front fiberglass fenders and rear bedsides
Borgeson 800120 steering box tapped for hydro
Tom Woods front driveshaft
Artec front axle truss
Road Armor style bumpers
Engo 16,000 lb winch
This truck is not for sale, but we do sell most of the suspension and steering parts needed to build one similarly.