Dodge Off Road Steering Stabilizer Low Mount Bracket

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For those who have a factory high mount stabilizer setup and want to run a low mount stabilizer, we have a weld-on bracket that makes this possible.  This is also a great way to beef up your existing low mount bracket, by cutting off the old factory bracket and welding our newer, much stronger bracket on.  This is cut entirely from 3/16" HRPO steel so it is twice as thick as the factory bracket, and it's boxed in so it is a much stronger design anyway.  The HRPO steel is easy to weld to your factory track bar axle mount, or you can even bolt this bracket to the track bar mount if you want.  Welding is the preferred method for the best results.  This bracket will accept any standard stabilizer that is 1.375" wide and takes a 1/2" bolt. 

Right now we have only tested this with the 2nd gen axle, however it should work on 3rd and 4th gen axles as a replacement part once the factory bracket is removed.