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DOR's shackle flip softens your rear suspension using the factory springs, while still providing the same towing capacity. This is a great way to achieve a better ride without spending $1,000 or more on new leaf spring packs. The simple bolt-on installation can be done with basic tools and requires no drilling.


Kit includes two frame brackets, two 3/8" shackles, 1" thick zero rates with Grade 9 center pins, all new Grade 8 hardware for the shackle flip brackets and shackles, and instructions. Zero rates are mandatory on all shackle flip kits unless your leaf springs have multiple center pin locations; our kit is the only one that includes the required hardware and is the only kit with adjustable shackles.  We make the best shackle flip kit because we are the only company building them who actually owns and drives Dodge trucks.  That's why you are getting a superior product, rather than having to piece the rest of the kit together if you buy a flip kit elsewhere. 

The optional U bolt flip is a great way to upgrade your U bolts to the round style where the nuts mount on top of the leaf pack. If you don't use our U bolt flip, you will need to drill a hole in the U bolt plate that goes on top of your leaf pack to allow the offset center pin to line up. You will need new U bolts anyway, so it's recommended to buy our U bolt flip unless you already have one.  We stock the two most common lengths, 11.5" and 14.5".  If you order a custom length U bolt, it will take an extra week to get those in before we can ship your order.  We have lengths available from 7.5" to 18.5".  When measuring U bolts, keep in mind that you will need to add the thickness of the U bolt plate, washer, and nut, plus the zero rate.  99.5% of our customers need either the 11.5" or 14.5" U bolts.  You will cut the excess threads off when everything is installed and torqued. 


This fits all 2nd gen Ram 2500 or 3500 series trucks, from 1994 to 2002, including 2wd trucks.    If you have a 1500 model, see the related products below for your kit - we make the only 1500 shackle flip kit that fits and comes with everything you need! 


Ram 2500 and 3500 models will receive 1.25" lift with the factory block removed, or 5.75" lift if the factory block is retained.


2wd models will receive 5.75" lift (no factory block).


Our shackles are adjustable 1/4" in either direction (3 mounting positions) so you can fine tune your height and also compensate for driver side lean.


If you have a two piece rear driveshaft, we will send you a zero rate that is milled with an angle to correct your driveline angle. If you have a one piece driveshaft, then our standard zero rate is perfect for your application.

If your truck uses the upper overload springs that mount on top of the leaf pack, you will need to either remove those springs and run airbags to achieve the same load capacity, or you will need to fabricate some new frame mounts for the upper overload spring to contact, since the axle will be further away from the frame.  Lower overloads and the spring pack itself will not be affected.  If you want to keep the upper overload, let us know in the order comments so we can send longer U bolts with your order. 



If you have a 1500 model and are swapping in one ton axles, we can build your shackle flip with the 1/2 ton frame mount and 1 ton shackles. Just let us know in the comments - there is no extra charge for this.



If you are running aftermarket (standard or progressive) leaf packs that eliminate the factory block, we offer a shackle flip setup for those springs. It's the same price and will only lift your truck 1/2" to 1" (adjustable) over what you have already, but will still give you the performance of a shackle flip in conjunction with your aftermarket leaf springs. Contact us prior to ordering if you have any questions, otherwise just put that info in the comments field and we will send you that version.  The regular shackle flip will work on progressive leaf packs but you will end up getting 5.75" lift over what the progressive packs provide. 

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DOR Shackle Flip 2G


  • 5
    Smooth as Butter

    Posted by Christopher on Oct 8th 2017

    Bought these back in 2015 finally had time to install them after I installed new shocks. Went from a bucking bronco on these shitty California roads to more manageable ride. I probably will later down the road get Carly leafs to get most reach and smoothest ride. Now, I don't mind me twice a week commute. Country roads now don't even hear my wife complaining its to rough so that's an easy 5 star.

  • 5
    Awesome product

    Posted by Brandon Nelson on Sep 14th 2016

    I deleted the factory blocks and did the u-bolt flip with the shackle flip. Right now I'm still running some old completely worn out shocks, I have new shocks on the way and I'm sure the ride will improve more. The shackle flip alone made a great improvement on the ride in a couple ways. Overall ride is smoother, but not soft and still feels like a truck, feels like I have about a 1000 lbs or so in the bed. Huge improvement on axle wrap! Really no axle wrap anymore. The biggest improvement I've noticed is the overall stability of the truck, I removed both sway bars years ago and the shackle flip eliminated side to side sway big time even with a load in the bed. It feels more predictable on the hwy and chewed up back roads. Can't wait to see how much it really improves the ride once I have some good shocks to work with the shackle flip. Top notch quality as expected!

  • 5
    Great Upgrade

    Posted by Steve on Mar 7th 2016

    The best upgrade for 2nd gen to make it ride more soft . You can feel the difference right away!

  • 5
    Amazing !!!!

    Posted by Reynaldo Rosario on Dec 23rd 2015

    Great soft ride, no more bucking over bumps. Also better traction I can't break the tires loose with my super b single

  • 5
    No more axle wrap

    Posted by Tim M. on Jul 16th 2014

    The rear shackle flip works great. Allows the springs to work "easier" , and smooths out the ride. I've towed with it, and have noticed no issues with sagging. What I did notice, was a big improvement with axle wrap! Removing that big ol factory lift block helped a LOT. Taking off with a 10k lb trailer is nice and smooth now.

  • 5
    Like a Cadillac

    Posted by Greg on Nov 14th 2013

    I'm really impressed with how the truck rides, I never thought a 3/4 ton truck could ride like this! Now it rides PERFECT just like a Cadillac.

  • 5
    DOR Shackle Flip

    Posted by Deven LaVere on Sep 27th 2013

    Installed the shackle flip on a 2001 2500 Cummins. Softened up the rear for a better ride(Prodigy 2.0 shocks as well). Still tows and hauls HEAVY!