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DOR Extreme Torsion Sway Bar 3G/4G
***Must call to order due to excessive backorder on sway bar parts from other manufacturers***

Now available in a 3rd and 4th gen (2003-2012 trucks) version, our Extreme Torsion Sway Bar is what you need to make your Cummins or Hemi-powered truck ride better and have more suspension travel.  This easy bolt-on setup replaces your factory sway bar, which is much too stiff, and replaces it with an all-new performance-minded torsion sway bar.  This new setup includes 1/4" frame brackets, Delrin bushings, a 4130 heat-treated steel sway bar that has splines machined into the ends, and chromoly sway bar arms that bolt and clamp to the bar.  We also include our industry-best sway bar end links using 1.25" OD DOM tube and 3/4" shank heims, for the strongest sway bar setup on the market.  The end links are adjustable so you can fine tune the length as needed for different suspension heights.  We sell a 3" and 6" setup, but we can also make a custom set of end links for taller trucks.  

For those who don't know what a torsion sway bar is, basically it's a much softer version of the factory sway bar.  The smaller diameter allows the bar to twist, which helps soften the front suspension considerably for the first couple inches of suspension travel.  The more the bar twists, the stiffer it gets, so you have a progressive quality that is not available with the much larger stock sway bar.  The stock bar is so thick that it just doesn't move at all, which makes the front axle feel like it's welded to the frame.  Our torsion sway bar fixes that problem, and also gives you a much stronger set of end links - in fact, our end links are the strongest ever made for any Dodge Ram truck.  With this kit, you'll gain a softer ride, more suspension travel without having to unhook the sway bar, and high quality end links that will last the life of your truck in most conditions.  
Let's run through the parts list real quick: 

1/4" steel sway bar mounts, cut on our own CNC table, MIG welded and professionally powdercoated black.  These are not like other torsion sway bar mounts you may have seen - ours are much stronger, with the tube that holds the UHMW bushing in place being welded in two tabs rather than one.  This bracket is about twice the size of what other companies make, and offers much more support for your torsion bar.  We don't use cheap pressed-steel around a urethane bushing.  This is as high-quality as it can be.  

Specifically tuned sway bar that is matched to the softer spring rates we use on our suspension kits, but it will work with any setup.  This bar is about half the size of the stock sway bar so the rates are much softer, without adding any extra body roll.  The truck will still feel stable, but the suspension will be able to move like it should.  

Bent steel arms that are splined to slide over the sway bar, and then bolted in place.  These arms are very thick and very durable, and are bent for clearance so they will bolt right up without modification.  They look similar to other torsion sway bar arms you've seen on Jeeps and newer Dodge trucks, with one exception - we use 14mm bolts to hold the end links in place, not the 1/2" or smaller like everyone else uses.  Heavy duty trucks require heavy duty parts.  

Finally, our massive Extreme Duty sway bar end links.  These are simply the biggest end links ever made for Dodge trucks, and possibly the biggest end links ever mass-produced for any application.  They are 1.25" OD tube, with 3/4" shank chromoly heims that have a radial static load of over 40,000 lbs each.  These heims are larger than what most companies use on their track bars, but we put them on both ends of our massive end links.  For ease of install, we TIG weld hex tube adapters on the tube so that you can put a wrench on the end links while tightening the jam nuts, without scratching up the end links.  These bolt right up to your axle mounts but you'll need to drill the mounts out with a 14mm or 9/16" drill bit to remove just a little material, since the factory mounts are tapered.  The upper end of the links bolt right to the sway bar arms using the included Grade 8 hardware. 

This entire setup bolts right up to your truck and we include all the hardware needed.  The install is very easy and can normally be done in 15 to 20 minutes.  You just unbolt the factory sway bar and end links, drill out your axle mounts, and bolt the new torsion sway bar up.  This is one of the best upgrades you can do for ride quality and in the shortest amount of time, so it's a win-win.   Why do we make everything bigger and stronger than everyone else?  It doesn't cost that much more to build it the right way, and the extra strength means you will have many more years of service out of our parts, which saves you money in the long run.  We build parts for hardcore offroaders, but they work just as well on daily drivers when you want heavy duty truck parts instead of Jeep-sized parts.  

The torsion sway bar is designed to work with our steering brace, so there are no clearance issues between the two products.  It may or may not work with other braces, but honestly if you are spending this much money on a sway bar, you shouldn't be running any cheap braces anyway.  Ours is the best so pick one of them up if you don't already have one. It prevents frame flex from twisting on your brace, which in turn would twist on the sector shaft.  Our brace is the only one that does not allow this to happen.  

If you have one of our coilover setups, this sway bar is perfect for reducing some body roll without affecting the soft ride or suspension travel that you have.  You'll want to disconnect the end links when you go rock crawling, but for light trail use and driving around town, the torsion sway bar will give you several inches more travel than the stock sway bar allows for. 

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DOR Extreme Torsion Sway Bar 3G/4G