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One of the best off road upgrades you can do for your 2nd gen Ram is to flip the rear U bolts so that they don't hang down under your rear axle.  The stock setup leaves the factory U bolts exposed to rocks, stumps, mud, etc.  Our U bolt flip fixes that by putting your U bolt plate on top of the spring pack, and then we use 5/8" Grade 8 U bolts and 3/8" steel bent U bolt plates to hold it all together.  This will work with your factory springs or any aftermarket setup, just make sure you order U bolts long enough for your application.  This is the same kit that comes with our shackle flip kit (more info below).  

Please provide info about your rear suspension setup during checkout in the comments section so we can make sure you get the correct length U bolts.  If you want to measure for what you need, give us the measurement from the bottom of the axle tube, to the top of the leaf spring pack.  Custom lengths will take a little extra time but there is no upcharge for them.  We stock several sizes of U bolts to ensure you have the correct length for your application, so the more information you can provide during checkout, the better.  
These U bolt flips will not work on trucks with the factory upper overloads on top of the leaf packs on stock height trucks - there is not enough clearance between the frame and top of the leaf pack for the larger U bolt plates to fit.  You must delete the upper overload springs and the block that goes with them, and then our U bolt plate will sit right on top of the factory leaf pack without any other issues.  If you have at least a 4" rear lift, then you may be able to keep the upper overloads. 
U bolts are non-returnable after they have been tightened/torqued.  Please make sure you have the correct U bolts for your application before tightening them all the way.